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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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retracing one patient's steps through one have our airports. why officials say there is no threat to travelers. >> a child rushed to the hospital after getting hit by a fed-ex van. new details about the m.
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new details are emerging about the time line of the first ebola patient to be diagnosed in the u.s. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> we will you at 5:00 the time line includes a stop at dulles now we have our first pictures of the patient. we don't know thomas duncan's exact age but necessary his early 40s. he arrives in dallas on september 20th with no symptoms. that's important because it means he was not contagious when he flew. >> his symptoms started on september 24th. he sought treatment on the 26th and according to the associated press, did tell doctors he had been to west africa. but he was still sent home. and later admitted to.
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officials are saying about duncan's travels. >> this news is causing some concern for international travelers. >> it's not clear how much time thomas eric duncan spent inside the airport and exactly where he was, other than customs after arrived on united airlines flight 951 from brussels on september 20th before taking connecting flight 822 to dallas ft. worth. u.s. health officials say he did not display symptoms of the ebola virus when he was examined prior to boarding his flight to dulles and would not have been contagious until those symptoms appeared. abt four days later in dallas. meanwhile, internati passen we spoke to say they're aware of but not panicked by the possibility of being exposed to the ebola virus and the tight confines of a commerci airline. >> i don't worry, no, i'm not worried. >> yeah. that's true, yeah.
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a little scared. >> didn't have any such concerns. >> the washington metropolitan airpt authori issued a statement quoting the centers for disease control. it said the cdc does not recommend that people on the same commercial airline flights undergo monitoring, as ebola is contagio only if the person is experienci active symptoms. >> union i'd says passengers who are aboard those flights should contact the cdc if they have any concerns. li at dulles airport. news4. >> thank you. the search is underway to final anyone who might be infected in texas. the centers for disease control has a team on the ground doing what is called contact tracing. they're going door to door looking for anyone who came into contact with the patient after he developed symptoms. so far they've pinpointed at least 18 people, including five children. the patients will be under close observation for 21 days, because that's how long it takes for the virus to incubate. >> the widespread fear of ebola
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even impacted wall street. airline ste outbreak could caus f both american and delta fell 3% and overall it fell more than 300 points. we're constantly updating with the latest developments on the ebola outbreak and you can get new informati when you wake up on news4 today. >> a 6-year-old child in fairfax county is in critical condition after being hit by a delivery van. it happened just before 5:30 on mt. vernon circle. police say the boy was riding a scooter in his driveway and rode into the streets. news4 has the latest on this from fairfax county. >> reporte tonight, fairfax county police are at the scene. they put up this yellow tape and in that area right over there. many folks around here came up to us an. >> a sad thing that happened. >> reporte he is concerned about his neighbor's 6-year-old
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son. a fed-ex van hit the boy in alexandria, virginia on, mt. vernon circle. >> a lot of children. >> reporte fairfax county police say around 5:20 this evening, t 6-year-old was playing in his driveway and rode a scooter into the street. seconds later, he was hit. >> once i go through here, i go very slowly. >> reporte the fed-ex driver stopped d took him to the hospital. the officials are waiting to give details about what happened but they will us their thoughts and prayers are with the child's family. although we don't know if speed was a factor, he said this accident should serve as rae minder. >> would you advise people to slow down? >> oh, yeah, they should all slow down. >> reporte police continue to t charg have not been filed against the fed-ex driver. news4. new at 11:00, a maryland teenager was shot and killed blocks away from the rhode isla avenue metro station.
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witnesses say johnny was killed in a drive-by shooting on adams street northeast. he was 18 years old from upper marlboro and he died at the hospital. witnesse reported seeing three men drive away from the scene. >> jesse matthew will make his first court appearance tomorrow since being brought back to virginia. but it won't have anything to do with the disappearance of hannah graham. matthew will appear via video to face reckless driving charges. police file those charges when he sped away nearly two weeks ago. that initiated a nationwide manhunt and matthew was eventual found in texas. his first hearing on abduction charges in the hannah graham case was delayed to december. meanwhile, police started using drones today in their search for hannah graham. they are eequipment with high quality cameras to give investigs a closer look at places they can't really reach on foot. the drones were specifically approved by the federal aviation administra. ths the first time drones have been use by law enforct agents in virginia.
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a new poll is out tonight and it shows a very tight race for maryland governor. but one candidate just isn't buying it. larry hogan within four point of anthony brown. but that poll was commissioned by a political action committee that supports hogan. brown's campaign dismissed it saying it is not inl. instead his team points to september new york time poll which shows the democrat with a 14-point lead. and in virginia, the two candidat for u.s. senate will go head to head next tuesday. news4 is proud to join the commee to sponsor a debate between senator mark warner and ed gle. chuck todd will moderate. turning to our weather. we . the fog is starting to roll in and it could
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i think that is going to be a problem when you make your way out the door early tomorrow morning. the temperatures are on the nice and mild side. after the clouds burned off. we got to 77 d.c. 78, fredericksburg. 73 in camp springs. the next couple days we'll see another repeat tomorrow with some fog, some clouds in the d we've been on the mild side the last few days. we will stay there tomorrow and stay on the mild side on friday. here's the cool air. already snowing. out toward the denver area. that cool air, the coolest air of the season moves into our region. coming up in time for the region. i'll show you how cool it will be and what to expect next. >> a workplace dispute appears to have sparked a murder-suicide in potomac. well known realtor carolyn mattingly was found dead in her garage yesterday. police had been to the home just an hour before for a report vandalism. now they believe the vandal and the person who killed mattingly
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was andrew. he worked in bethesda. he had been accused of stealing from the organization. he was found dead in a car crash not far from the home. police say >> 24 hours after she was getting grilled on capitol hill, a new man is in. julia pierson resign but it wasn't the white house intrusion that ultimately cost her the job. it was the revelation we told but last night. that an armed convict was allowed to ride an elevator with president a in atlanta. >> it was the right decision. it was the best interests of the interests of the secret service. >> the secret service needs someone to come in with a fresh set of eyes. no more rose colored glasses. >> joseph clancy has been named the acting director. he was recently head of security for comcast, nbc 4's parent company. ? right now, signs the confrontn may be on the way
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between police and thousands of student protesters calling for democracy in hong kong. resign by ders say if the top tomorrow, the begin to occupy several government buildings. tot an editorial on chinese tv called for residents in hong kong to support authorities in decisive police enforcement. china took control of the former british co1997. back here at home, a mantle is underway for this man. his name is deon warren. he is 19 years old. and bowie police say he shot and killed a dad who was just trying to protect his son. it happened outside the belair swim and racket club. investigats say mitchell white stemmed in to break up a fight between a group of teenagers and that's when someone started shooting. e was pronounced dead at the > grief in the northeast d.c. neighbor over the death of a 13-year-old boy shot by his best friend. sours tell news4 it is being investigat as an accident.
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e victim and his 14-year-old friend were in the apartment on downing stree last night. today police spent hours at that home. the older team lives there with his mothe tal to caldwell's fathe about 7:00 when the gun went off. the father didn't want to be identified but tells news4, he hopes his son's friend isn't charged. >> i hope not. they both did something stupid. >> if police find that the gun belonged to the 14-year-old's mother, she could be charged for no next at 11:00, a new tool arrives for d.c. police. >> get your hands out now! how body cameras just solved the shooting case in another departme. >> melee at six flags. and trapped 200 feet in the air. window washers forced to save .
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two window washers got stuck and they couldn't go down. firefighte had to lower them. they only had one motorized crank. the other was has not operated so they had to take turns. little by little. it took them more than three hours. finally they were able to lift themselv to safety. a maryland teenager critical hurt outside six flags america wasn't supposed to there.
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according to six flags, he was banned indefinitely from the park back in july. we don't know what he was doing there on saturday when things got out of control. the boy's family claim a group of strangers beat him up outside the gate. he is in a coma and had to undergo surgery to reduce swelling on his brain. family and friends plan to hold a vigil for him outside the park on friday. >> the first d.c. police offi to wear body cameras got their new gear today. 165 officers will test five different type of cameras as part of the camera program. they are meant to serve as an independt witness to the interactio people have with officers. and these kinds of cameras help salt lake city investigators get to the bottom of the police shooting. happened last month and sparked a lot of outrage in that community. nbc's reporter reports, in this case, the cameras helped clear the officer involved. salt headache city police
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ofr cruz was wearing a body camera when he confronted dylan taylor on august 11. in the video taylor walks away as his brother and cousin put their hands up. officers follod taylor who puts his hands in front and turned around. >> get your hands out now! get your hands out! >> that's when officer cruz shoots him in the chest and stomach. >> the command was given to stop and show his hands. he responded saying, no, fool. and a quick succession of hands. lifted his shirt up and moved his hand from the waist band in a drawing motion. >> after the shooting the officer gives taylor first-aid. >> stay with me. stay with me. >> but taylor isn't breathing. >> what the hell were you reaching for, man? >> cruz tells taylor help is on the way. and he can be heard saying this to another officer. >> i can't find a women on him. >> cruz later told investigat as taylor drew his hands from his waist band, i was scared to death. the last thought when he pulled
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the trigger was, i was too late. and because of that i was going to get killed. worse, my officer was going to get killed. the district attorney says he can't speculate on taylor's motive but before the shooting, taylor posted on facebook that he had hit rock bottom. >> when you take a person's life, it really digs deep into a person's thoughts. >> sandra also discovered that salt lake city police plan to use that video to train other officers and if need be, make changes to department policy. metro has another major escalator project starting soon. we told you they'll start station. the escalators at t two weeks from now the 12th and g entrance will also close so they can replace escalators there. that is expected to take eight months. eventually metro will replace more than 100 escalators across the entire system. >> pretty soon when we show that
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metro video, there will be a lot of heavy coats and boots involved. >> and it may come up faster than you think. we make our way into the weekend. a lot of people have plans this weekend including one nationals game on saturday that will be impacted by the weather. let's take a look first off and show you what's happening across our area. here we are out toward, looking out toward friendship heights. toward the rockville areas. we are dealing with some fog in parts of the region. not much on this camera. but take a look at . this is the visibility in the washingt area. 10 miles. no problem. now five miles in leesburg. look at frederick, maryland. already down to a quarter mile. if you're driving north a west, watch out. this is going to be where we see some of th fog develop. by early tomorrowering wh could be dealing with some dense fog so please give yourself a little extra time. current temperatures, 68 degrees. we've seen some clearing skies. all of that could lead to some
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of t fog formation. 57 is the current i frederick.. it will stay clear through tonight but early tomorrow, we could see a few light showers develop. sim to what we saw during t day today. some early fog tomorrow morning. partly clos as we will see some sunshine. can't rule out a few isolated sprinkles so you may want to carry the umbrella although you will most likely not need it on thursday. te tomorrow, 77 in d.c. 78 toward fredericksburg. 74 in leesburg and 73 back toward martinsburg. e best chance of shower activity will be toward the mountains dur the day. here it is on satellite and radar. this really shows what's going on. so cloud cover toward the south. d actually inhint any fog formation. toward d.c. and the north and west, that's where we are looking for it to develop. another storm system toward the west and this is a cold front. currently snowing just to the south of denver, colorado. that's the cold air.
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they've got going in. that cold air will move our way. not tomorrow, not on friday. here's friday afternoon. this is 3:30. we play between 12:00 a 3:00. whoever wins tonight's game. i'll tell you what. not going to be a factor for the afternoon game. here's where the storms are. it is well back to our west in the afternoon. however, it moves through late in the evening into the overnight hours. by saturday morning it is moving out of here. we'll see winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour. i think temperatures will be in the mid 60s at that time. and by friday, by sunday, a high temperature of only 65. once again, friday, mostly dry with a temperature of 77. 69 degrees on your saturday. 65 on sunday. we will warm over the n days. next week take look at saturday sunday. one thing you notice. look at the bottom line. temperature in the 30s for many areas in the suburbs. that is something we're going to be watching for sure.
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so on saturday, and then just plain chilly. the coldest there so far this season. areas could see some frost early sunday. >> we've got a couple days warning to get out the warm jackets. >> get up in the attic, wherever you're storing them. >> thanks. still ahead, the nationals' opponent in the nl division
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at 6:00, you both remember. diana said she wanted to face
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the giants because the pirates were the hotter team. >> i said for the nats they want to face the giants. >> and they got them. >> the nationals will face the san frano giants this friday at 3:00. the giants just on the pirates 8-0. it is a playoff party in pittsbur tonight. pirates hosting the giants. but in the fourth, brandon crawford is the party crasher here. bases loaded in the shortstop. that one is gone. grand slam for crawford. the giants take a 4-0 in the fourth grand slam in the san frano post season history. madison bumgarner. in the seventh, he will get some help from his defense. russell martin pops this up. pablo sandoval over on it. he grabs it. right over the railing. >> so right there.
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bumgarner throws a complete game shutout in san francisco. he sees the nats on friday at 3:00. so adam jones and the royals putting in work, head up tomorrow's alds game one against the detroit tigers. tough for the birds going against a seasoned detroit team that won the american league back in 2012. boasting one of the top pitching rotations in all of baseball. the al east orioles have been doubted much of the season and most pick the tigers. as winning this thing. adam jones doesn't mind though. >> find with us. we were supposed to finish in last place also. we don't go up against three cy young awards. the last three award winners. so it won't be easy but it will be fun. have as much .> we don't care wh
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we're ready. i . >> don't you picture them going like this? ev? >> baseball season is quick will coming to an end. the hockey season is getting started. the caps will put up their season in eight days a. new season, a fre start and a brand new coach for the cams. remember that. hoping his team played better in eight days than tonight against buffalo. first period, buffalo on the attack. r ennis with the center. 5-0. a bright spot for the cams on the breakaway. right in. there puts it in the internet. first goal of the pre season. they fall to the sabres, 5-1. talking hockey.
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so nats. 3:00 friday. get ready.
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take a look at this. starting today and lasting all month long, the national mall has a giant new piece of art. when you see the view from the top of the washin monument, you may not spot it right away. >> that's for sure. >> loo pool. do you see it now? a six acre image of a face made of sand and dirt. you have to be at the top of the washingt monument to get a good look at it. do you see it now?
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it's like half a face. >> the artist says it is a composite of people photographed at random in d.c. the national portrait gallery commissi the work. you really have to look at it for a while to make it out. but you also have to be on top of the washington monument or watching tv. >> i had to
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer garner john mulaney


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